Lempijooga – English

Welcome to the Yoga Mat!

Yoga takes you into the present moment. The only place where life exists.
– Patañjali, Yogasutra


By working with breathing, we can regulate energy, strengthen our body, reduce stress, relax or fall asleep more easily.

Breathing is an important part of yoga. Yoga's positive effect on mental well-being is based on breathing, which has a calming effect on the nervous system. In yoga practice, our attention is constantly returned to the breath. Even this can make changes to your well-being!


There is a constant interaction between mind and body. The body reacts to the movements of the mind and the mind reflects the state of the body.  Yoga practice helps us towards a mutually reinforcing balance of mind and body.

Asana exercises have a clarifying, calming and focusing effect on the mind. A focused mind, on the other hand, supports awareness and presence in physical exercise and body movements.


Yoga lessons are always guided with respect for the body. Listening to your own body and observing your own mind are the basis of the exercise.

Yoga is based on everyone's own experience. We don't try to imitate an asana by following a model, but we build it ourselves. Yoga is suitable for all body types!